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Tell: (949) 679 4211

Lunch Menu

Our menu, planned by a registered dietitian, provides wholesome meals and satisfying snacks that meet federal and state requirements and guidelines established by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). We also work with food manufacturers to create appropriate portion sizes and nutritional ingredients for children.

Daily Schedule

During the day the children take part in various activities, including reading, painting, or learning arts. Often they have something to bring home, such as a new painting or a new letter of the alphabet.

Above all, we spend time to make learning a fun experience for our children. This positive exposure to learning will hopefully, make them eager to begin their school career.


Please give us a call about fees.

If you are interested with our facility and program, you can visit us anytime you want. For more information you may contact us or call us at

(949) 679-4211.