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Chicken pasta, broccoli and Orange

Lentil rice with ground beef, Watermelon and sliced cucumbers

Home made cheese pizza, apples and carrots  

Fish and steamed rice, sweet potatoes and apple

Chicken nuggets, broccoli, and melon

Turkey sandwich, strawberries and steamed carrots

Chicken nuggets, bread green beans and grapes  

Chicken pasta, broccoli and kiwi

Lentil rice with ground beef, strawberries and celery  

Meatballs and noodles, sweet potatoes, zucchini and orange  

Macaroni and cheese, corn, tomatoes and oranges  

Fish and steamed rice, cucumber, strawberries and carrots

Chicken kabob, tomatoes, cucumber and apple

Beef quesadilla, tomatoes, lettuce and banana  


 Chicken pasta, corn, carrots and banana  

Beef kabob, steamed rice broccoli and grapes

Meatballs and noodles with sweet potatoes and apple

Spaghetti and meatballs, broccoli, and strawberries

Fish and rice, strawberry and asparagus  

Homemade cheese pizza, apple, carrots and oranges  

Lunch and Dinner  Menu

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Breakfast normally contains:

The ingredients of each meal is:

Fruits served:

Snack  Menu






Apple, crackers and cheese  

Butter bread toast, jelly, juice, strawberries  

Waffles, yogurt and banana  

ABC crackers, cheese sticks and apple  

Pretzels, cottage cheese and oranges

Celery, yogurt and pita bread

Yogurt, apples and banana

Cottage cheese, strawberries and pretzels  

Ritz crackers, cheese stick and grapes  

Watermelon, whole wheat bread and cheese  

Raisins, oranges, bananas  

Pretzels, cheese and celery  

Yogurt, watermelon, crackers  

Wheat bread, Scrambled eggs, apple

Fruit salad mixed with yogurt  

Cottage cheese, crackers, peaches  

Apple, crahm crackers and mixed berries

Toast bread, jelly and apples

Tortilla chips, yogurt dip and celery  

Grapes, wheat bread and cheese

Rice crackers, cheese stick and yogurt

Scrambled eggs, peaches, cottage cheese

Apples, cottage cheese and bananas

Oranges, tortilla chips and celery

Pita bread, banana, peanut butter

Animal crackers, grapes, strawberry and cheese stick  

Peanut butter with rice crackers, banana and milk

Carrots with yogurt dip, celery and pita bread  

Fruit cocktail and yogurt  

Waffle, cheese stick and apple